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The Business of Chemistry by the Numbers

Chemistry is essential to our economy and plays a vital role in the creation of ground-breaking products that make our lives and our world healthier, safer, more sustainable and more productive.

$486 Billion generated annually by the business of chemistry
529K Skilled, good-paying American jobs are provided by the business of chemistry
25%+ Of the U.S GDP is supported by the business of chemistry
13% Of chemicals are produced by the U.S., the world’s second largest producer
9% Of U.S. goods exports come from the business of chemistry, $125 billion in 2020, and this industry is among the largest exporters in the U.S.
96%+ Of all manufactured goods are directly touched by the business of chemistry
$27 Billion in capital investments were made in the business of chemistry in 2020, including investments in structures and equipment
41% Of the total construction spending by the U.S. manufacturing sector in 2020 involved the business of chemistry
946 Million tons of products were transported in 2020, making the business of chemistry one of the country’s largest shippers
$90K Is the average annual pay in the business of chemistry which is 23% higher than the average manufacturing pay
$10 Billion plus invested in research and development by chemical companies in 2020
4.1 Million jobs are created by the business of chemistry. For every one of these jobs created, 6.8 are generated elsewhere in the economy

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