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Advocacy in Chemistry

Courtney Johnson

One of ACC's main goals is to be a strong advocate with elected officials for our member companies and this is accomplished many different ways. But the one way that you can get involved is to join ChemistryMatters and become an advocate on behalf of the industry.

There are many different ways you can advocate for the business of chemistry and all are just as important.


You can send a letter to your elected officials asking them to support or oppose legislation that is important to chemistry and their employees.


You can ensure you are registered to vote in the next election and from there learn about the candidates running for election, request an absentee ballot, find your polling location, and much more.


You can learn about the important issues facing the business of chemistry, everything from tax and trade to security and chemical management.

These issues and take-action campaigns are constantly evolving and it is important to stay up to date, so visit ChemistryMatters and Join to become an advocate for chemistry and your community

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